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EmmPac Custom Prefabricated Cushions Kits For Small Engines

  • Custom-engineered foam cushion kits fit small engines for total protection (Honda kits in stock)
  • Eliminate damage in transit for single-unit shipment via parcel carrier-no need to palletize.
  • Proven designs with thousands of damage-free parcel shipments coast to coast.
  • Save returned goods costs: return shipping, RTV processing, damaged goods repair or disposal.
  • Increase customer satisfaction, getting it right the first time with intact time-critical shipments.  Simplified packing & unpacking for efficiency, simplicity and professional appearance. 

Cushion kits are sold separately from cartons; cartons can be purchased from Emmpac or sourced locally by the customer.  Cartons must comply with these specs for the cushions to perform effectively:

  • For Large (HNDLG) kit: 21 x 18 x17 inches
  • For Small (HNDSM) kit: 17 x 15 x 17 inches
  • For X-Small (HNDSS) kit: 15 x 13 x 19