11x9x9 Insulated Shipper Assembled w/Carton (2 PACK)

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EmmPac ChillBox outperforms styrofoam (EPS), is durable and reuseable. 8X6X6 inside dimensions.


EmmPac Stores-Flat Shipping Coolers offer superior performance compared to EPS (styrofoam), providing up to 3 days of thermal protection. Very Space-Efficient requiring a fraction of the space needed for regular coolers. Durable and reusable, they are the ideal solution to shipping anything that needs to stay temperature-stable. Protects against freezing in transit, and when used with EmmFreeze ice packs, keeps shipments cool within a tight range. Custom sizes available. Use your cartons or we can supply them to you for a minimal charge. Excellent for food products, breast milk, supplements, liquids that must not freeze and lots of other uses.

  • Superior performance lowers shipping costs & extends geographic reach.
  • Compact storage format frees up valuable space.
  • Durable, reusable and disposable with regular waste.
  • Custom sizes and private label available.
Weight 5 lbs



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